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Firkin & Pheasant

One night a couple weeks ago Patrick (aka … the husband) and I ventured to our old stomping grounds, Lincoln Park. We both used to live in this area about 5 years ago so it was fun walking around seeing … Continue reading

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Cookiehead Cookies !

I have to start off this post with an apology. See I’ve been enjoying some really great tasting cookies and haven’t shared them with all of you. Not only are the cookies kind to my taste buds but they are … Continue reading

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Stress : How to Deal?

Wow, this last week was one big stress fest! So many things going on and so little time to get them all done. But I’m a firm believer in better to be busy than have nothing to do at all. … Continue reading

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I spent the evening watching this: Chicago Blackhawks Hockey!!! This series has been difficult for me to watch. I’m a competitive person and I really wanted Chicago to win this win. I can’t even begin to explain how much anxiety … Continue reading

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Road Trip!

A normal Saturday for me is waking up early to take the dogs out to “do their business”. Come inside watch a little TV and than take a nap. Wake up again and with the help of my husband decide … Continue reading

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