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A Dinner to Forget

I mentioned a couple posts ago how I enjoyed reading the Chelsea Handler books.  I liked escaping into her crazy world while reading all about the situations she gets herself and those around her in. I don’t know what book … Continue reading

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Hectic Morning

I’m pretty sure the universe did not want me to go to work last Friday.  It did all it could to try and convince me to stay home but, let’s be honest, that’s not really a difficult thing to convince … Continue reading

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Happy Hour Pizza

I would love to say I’m one of those people who enjoys reading but that would not be true.  Don’t get me wrong – I like reading but after a long day at work reading a book feels like more … Continue reading

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Back at it …

Back in April I posted about how I needed to lose weight and become healthy.  Well, I had good intentions but, I’m sad to say, I’m still overweight. Since that post I have lost 11 pounds which is okay but … Continue reading

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