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Flaming Orange Peel

Yesterday was much better than Tuesday. I still had a ton of stuff to do but I took a more relaxed approach to it and all was good. This is a pretty long post so if you are only going … Continue reading

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Dog Tired

Work has been crazy busy these last couple months. This lead me to make poor food choices and sit on my butt all day long (aka, no exercise). I really need to learn how to avoid stress eating! I’m determined … Continue reading

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I spent the evening watching this: Chicago Blackhawks Hockey!!! This series has been difficult for me to watch. I’m a competitive person and I really wanted Chicago to win this win. I can’t even begin to explain how much anxiety … Continue reading

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Crazy People …

And this time I’m not the crazy person! Tuesday’s bus ride into work was an interesting one. A woman on the bus was letting everyone know some fact’s (according to her) that she thought we should know. According to the … Continue reading

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Not Your Typical Tuesday – Chicago Farmers Market

This morning was a typical Tuesday morning. Wake up after hitting the snooze about 5 times which always makes me late but I will never learn. Fight my husband for space in the bathroom. After throwing my weight around in … Continue reading

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