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A Dinner to Forget

I mentioned a couple posts ago how I enjoyed reading the Chelsea Handler books.  I liked escaping into her crazy world while reading all about the situations she gets herself and those around her in. I don’t know what book … Continue reading

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Happy Hour Pizza

I would love to say I’m one of those people who enjoys reading but that would not be true.  Don’t get me wrong – I like reading but after a long day at work reading a book feels like more … Continue reading

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Back at it …

Back in April I posted about how I needed to lose weight and become healthy.  Well, I had good intentions but, I’m sad to say, I’m still overweight. Since that post I have lost 11 pounds which is okay but … Continue reading

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Holiday Picture – December 1, 2011 – Starbucks Holiday Cup!

The last couple of years, during the month of December, I posted one holiday picture each day.  Well, I’ve decided to continue the same idea in 2011 – even though I’ve been pretty much non-existent the last couple months.  Nothing … Continue reading

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Home Work

Work this year has been crazy busy. Just when I think I’m getting caught up on my to-do list, 23 more things are added to it (at least that is how I feel). I’ve gotten so stressed about it that … Continue reading

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