Happy Hour Pizza

I would love to say I’m one of those people who enjoys reading but that would not be true.  Don’t get me wrong – I like reading but after a long day at work reading a book feels like more work.

That is until I discovered the Chelsea Handler books!

I read her first book over the holiday and was instantly hooked.  Since then I have read all four of her books and am tempted to send her an email begging her to write another one for me to enjoy 🙂  The books are easy, fun, senseless reads which is just what this girl needs at this time in my life.



Grande Peppermint Skim Latte:


My goal for Thursday was to eat a good lunch.  I thought over all my options and went with Freshii.  I ordered a salad with egg, celery, carrots, sun flower seeds and corn topped with balsamic vinegar:

I thought this was a good lunch.  I had protein and plenty of veggies!


Thursday was a difficult day that could only be helped by a cocktail.  The husband and I decided to go to the Marriott and partake in the Happy Hour special.  If you get to the bar before 6:00 pm you get a free pizza with your first cocktail!

I ordered a martini:

And a pepperoni pizza:

I know a lot of you will probably think a cocktail and pizza is no way to lose weight but I don’t think it’s a problem if you plan for it.


What are some happy hour specials you have been enjoying lately?

Holiday Picture – December 1, 2011 – Starbucks Holiday Cup!

The last couple of years, during the month of December, I posted one holiday picture each day.  Well, I’ve decided to continue the same idea in 2011 – even though I’ve been pretty much non-existent the last couple months.  Nothing like the holidays to bring back the blogging spirit 😀

So, the first couple pictures aren’t so much decorations but they are holiday inspired.

I’m a BIG fan of Starbucks coffee and don’t even get me started on how excited I get when the Starbucks Holiday Cups make their debut each year … seriously, I won’t go there.  However, I will show a couple pictures of the cups I get so excited about!

The first is probably my favorite because it involves a dog!  To be more specific it involves a dog riding on the back of a person sledding.  The saying on the cup – Let’s Rediscover Why We’re Best Friends:

The second cup I got is more traditional.  It’s of a nutcracker:

and a squirrel:

The saying on the cup – Let’s Remember Why We Go Together So Well!

As strange as it may seem, these cups do a great job of getting me in the holiday spirit!


Have you gotten your Starbucks holiday cup of the season?

Is a Cocktail a Snack?

Last week I did a post of “lessons learned” in which I listed a couple things I learned during my first week of paying attention to the food I’m consuming.

That post helped me fix a couple things during my second week on this journey so I thought I would do it again. So, without further ado, here are a couple things I’ve learned during the last week:

  • Keep fruits and veggies on hand at all times. They are low in calories, good for me and great for when I get the munchies.
  • When eating at buffets do a walk through to see what food is available before filling up my plate. This way I can make better food decisions without feeling deprived.
  • Walking does a body good. It’s gentle on the joints (yeah, I’m old) and a good workout. Walking is also a good way to prep the body for running.
  • My water intake was pretty pathetic last week and I could tell by how hungry I constantly felt. So I repeat what I learned last week – Water will be my best friend on this weight loss journey. I need to drink it every single day!

Monday Eats


I think most everyone can agree that Monday’s are pretty rough. One thing that helped make this Monday morning a little better was my breakfast.

Tall skinny vanilla latte in my disco sleeve:


Cup of Potbelly’s steel cut oats with a little peanut butter topper:



Breakfast did a fab job of keeping me full until lunch. I decided to break away from Freshii and go to Potbelly’s.

Yep, I had Potbelly’s for my first two meals of the day – it’s that good 😉

Toasted turkey, mustard, lettuce, pepper, pickles and seasoning sandwich:


1/2 cup of spicy vegetable soup on the side:



Does a cocktail count as a snack? I think if it has a garnish it falls into the snack catergory 😀

Glass of raspberry vodka and lemonade was consumed with no picture.


One of my lessons learned last week was cocktails lead to poor food choices and Monday was no different. Patrick suggested Flaco Tacos and the next thing I know I have nachos sitting in front of me:


I did control myself, a little bit, and ate 1/3 of what you see.


What day of the week is the toughest day for you?

Mine is Monday mornings. It’s so hard to get back into my work week routine after being free on the weekend.

Weather Blues

I need to take a moment to complain a little bit about this weather.

It’s the end of April and the temperature is in the 30’s when I make my way to work in the morning.  I can’t even remember what it feels like to have the sun shine on my face.  I mean, it’s ridiculous that I’m still wearing my parka and don’t have any idea when I will be able to retire that coat for the season.

I’m very ready for Spring but knowing Chicago weather it will go from parka weather to “I can’t stand to go outside because it’s so hot and humid” weather.

I’m a hard girl to please 😉

Tuesday Eats


Started off this cold morning with a warm skinny vanilla latte:

And a warm Potbelly oatmeal topped with peanut butter:

Definitely a double yum breakfast!


I decided to face the cold and wind and take a walk during my lunch break.  I had lots of options for food and I ended up with Panda Express.  Not my favorite place to eat but I thought it was a better choice than the burger places I was really wanting.

I wasn’t able to get a picture but I ended up having a half cup of rice topped with broccoli and hot sauce.  Wasn’t bad but it wasn’t all that great either.


Celebrated the end of my workday with a cocktail of raspberry vodka and lemonade:

I made myself a turkey, cheddar cheese, pickles and spicy mustard on a bagel thin:

It was really good!!!

Calories:  1339 (plus a couple more because I had an unaccounted for oreo)


Are you ready for a weather change?

Lessons Learned

A week under my belt of trying to lose some pounds and I’ve learned a couple things.

  • Water will be my best friend on this weight loss journey. Everyone knows water is good for a person but it’s really great at keeping me full!
  • Cocktails are really high in calories. Duh! I need to limit my intake because after one cocktail it’s way to easy to have a second and then it’s even easier to order pizza.
  • Oatmeal and peanut butter are a great start to the day. Tastes good and keeps me full well into lunch time!
  • Plan, plan, plan! Know what I’m eating for the entire day before the day begins. This allows me to plan for the occasional cocktail or cupcake 🙂

I know I have a lot more to learn throughout the next couple months but I think I’m off to a pretty good start.

    Monday Eats


    Monday mornings are hectic for me. This one was so busy I had no time to grab anything for breakfast. No food, coffee or water 🙁


    I yet again made up for my lack of breakfast by ordering my Freshii Spicy Chicken Soup:


    Full of noodles:


    I also tried a Izze Sparkling Blackberry which was SO good. Very refreshing and will be great on the (hopefully) hot summer days.


    This is sure to become a summer treat for me.

    I also had a bite of some not so great frozen yogurt 🙁


    It is so important for Monday night dinner to be easy and tasty. Can’t get easier than pulling something out of the freezer. The husband and I shared a box of Mrs. T’s pierogi with a bit of Cajun seasoning sprinkled on top:


    A small bowl of Sunday nights chili:


    And a sprite and vanilla vodka cocktail on the side:


    Patrick added a light up ice cube:


    I only drank about 1/3 of the cocktail but I left the light a blinkin’ all night long!

    Calories: 1392


    Do you guys have any advice on what foods will help me feel full without packing a huge calorie punch?